If your life is a body of work, what would be the next piece to add to the collection?
The hardest thing to recognise is when you’re holding yourself back. Especially if what you're doing is creative and unknown, which is most of us.
Try this for one minute: close your eyes and relax the brain and the muscles and bones around it. How does it feel? My brain and mind is just an…
The world is a wondrous place of diversity where communities can make their own rules. Sometimes our binary language gets in the way of our…
Create the community and frameworks you want to see in the world. Choose awe, choose wonder
Give me stream-of-consciousness work than trying to be everything to everyone. Give me humanity and personality.
Wellness is more complicated than it needs to be
It’s a radical idea to rest throughout the day, it’s the ultimate letting go.
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Why hello stranger, I'm eating blueberries that I picked from the shrubs a couple of hours ago. It's a blistering day, but the wind is cool and the…
Fortifying yourself against uncertainty and fear
From the Run Wild Creative archive